Parents can predict how tall their children are likely to be when they grow up, thanks to a simple formula.

The formula was devised by scientists in the 1970s according to the New York Times, but has recently been picked up again and shared on the internet.

The formula is based on the theory that most children will reach a height that can be estimated using the average combined height of their parents.

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Dr Helen Webberley, dedicated GP for, told The Huffington Post UK: “This is a tried and tested formula which I use regularly in practice in order to get an indication of projected height.

“Of course, it does only provide an indication, but even that can be invaluable when monitoring the growth path of a child where there are developmental concerns.”

Nappy brand ‘Huggies’ recently worked with Professor David Ravine from the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research to discuss the formula. 

He aimed to explain the argument many may have, that not all siblings will be the same height.

“There’s a long list of genes which have an influence on our height,” he told Huggies.

“Typically a person’s height reflects the heights of their parents, but environment can also have a big influence as well.”

Professor Ravine said genes will usually account for around 70% influence on your child’s eventual height. 

He said the other 30% will be influenced by nutrition and the environment.

You can work out your child’s height using the formula with the Huggies height calculator. 

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